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HR Upgrade

Heavy Rigid (HR) Licence

With a HR Licence, you will be allowed to drive the following:

  • Any Rigid class vehicle with three or more axles
  • Twin steer vehicles including bendy buses
  • MR (Medium Rigid class) vehicle
  • LR (Light Rigid class) vehicle
  • A Heavy Rigid vehicle that may be used to tow one trailer (not a semi-trailer) that has a GVM not exceeding 9,000 kg

Class HR License – Heavy Rigid Licence

Before you can apply for a Heavy Rigid Licence, you must satisfy the following pre-requisites below:

  • At least two years of a Car (C class) licence, or
  • At least one year of a Medium Rigid (MR class) heavy vehicle licence.
Who is this licence for ?

The Heavy Rigid Course is suited best for NEW to the industry truck drivers who wish to upgrade their skills and current licence.

In Fork N Trucks Training, we offer two options for this course:

  • Constant Mesh / Road Ranger license
    This course would take around 8 – 18 hours depending on the individuals. We have a 95% passing rate for this licence.
    RMS require a minimum of 6 hours assessment time.
  • Automatic / Synchromesh Manual License
    This course would take around between 6 – 10 hours (hours may vary depending on the individual’s level of expertise). We have a 99% passing rate for this licence.
    RMS require a minimum of 5 hours assessment time.

Both options come with a final assessment (FCA) from our own RMS accredited HVCBA Assessors.

We offer flexible training hours as we have available schedules seven days a week. Fork N Trucks Training is committed in providing high-quality training to ensure that all our students are competitive and skilled truck drivers.

Train with the best! Train with Fork N Trucks! Give us a call now!

Driver Training Since 2010

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Why us

  • We focus on providing the highest quality of training.
  • We provide the best flexible driving education for our students.
  • We have one of the highest first time passing rates within the industry for all the upgrades we are currently celebrating a staggering 100% course completion rate in 2019
  • We have dedicated and experienced trainers and assessors.
  • Putting nothing but safe, industry ready drivers out on the roads with you and our families are our top priority.
  • We offer the best prices for our training and assessing with no hidden fees or extra charges.
  • Experienced company with a dedicated team that provides the best quality service.
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why us
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Driver Training Since 2010

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What we do

At Fork n Trucks Training

Fork N Trucks focuses on providing the best training tools and knowledge for drivers and heavy equipment operators looking to expand their learning. We aim to guide you to your success by giving clear easy to follow english instructions in the field of driving, transport, and logistics as well as to pass the test with ease. All our instructors are easy to understand, friendly and approachable they are determined to put safe, responsible drivers on the road to protect your family and ours. We teach proper techniques and effective truck driver safety with real industry experience.

The most critical component of driver safety is the skill of the operator. Getting the licence is only the start of what we have to offer. Call today 0402 048 248

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