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Earthwork Courses involve operating machines that are responsible for landscaping work or the construction industry..

Fork N Trucks Training offers different Earthworks Courses to help drivers operate heavy equipment like backhoe, bulldozer, dump truck, excavator, front end loader, skid steer and many more.

We have designed training programs through ASQA specifically for these machines to help our students achieve full knowledge and skills on how to maneuver them.

Earthworks Course Requirements

Requirements for the Earthworks Courses are very easy to attain:

  • Read and Write Basic English
  • At least 18 years old
  • Proof of identification
  • Work boots, sunscreen and hat
  • High visibility clothing during the training.
Who is this course for?

This course is for individuals who wish to gain knowledge on how to operate machines like a backhoe, bulldozer, excavator, front end loader and skid steer. Learning how to operate them can broaden the job prospects of those who would want to work for the construction industry.

Businesses who also wish to certify their staff can enroll them in any of these courses. They have an option to choose a training package which covers all the machines or choose the specific machines they want their staff to learn.

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Fork N Trucks Training is a certified training center for earthworks courses. We offer classes every day at a very affordable price. You can also choose whether to have the training in our centers or in your worksite – conditions apply.

Usually, these courses would take up to three (3) days, but since the training is competency based, some students might finish earlier. For those who are still having difficulty after the usual training period, you can opt to have additional training.

These courses are specially crafted to make sure you learn both the theoretical and practical aspects of maneuvering these heavy machines.

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  • We focus on providing the highest quality of training.
  • We provide the best flexible driving education for our students.
  • We have one of the highest first time passing rates within the industry for all the upgrades we offer.
  • We have dedicated and experienced trainers and assessors.
  • Putting nothing but safe, industry ready drivers out on the roads with you and our families are our top priority.
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  • Experienced company with a dedicated team that provides the best quality service.
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What we do

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Fork N Trucks focuses on providing the best training tools and knowledge for drivers and heavy equipment operators looking to expand their learning. We aim to guide you to your success by giving clear easy to follow english instructions in the field of driving, transport, and logistics as well as to pass the test with ease. All our instructors are easy to understand, friendly and approachable they are determined to put safe, responsible drivers on the road to protect your family and ours. We teach proper techniques and effective truck driver safety with real industry experience.

The most critical component of driver safety is the skill of the operator. Getting the licence is only the start of what we have to offer. Call today 0402 048 248

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